Promotional Blog Posts

I am always looking for food related material to review. I cannot always buy books , new products or visit restaurants off my own back, therefore if you would like to contact me with regard to providing these in return for a promotional blog posts, please send me an email at

I am based in Surrey and can therefore at short notice cover the South East/London area, but I would visit anywhere in the country if a good opportunity was offered.

Such promotional material may include:

  • A book to review.
  • A food service to review.
  • A food app to review.
  • A trip to a restaurant to review.
  • A cookery course to review.
  • Writing recipes using new/existing products.
  • A new product to review.

The Advertising Standards Agency make their view on promotional blog posts quite clear. As such, I will comply with their guidelines and make sure that any posts which they may consider to be ‘advertising’ always contain a transparent description of my relationship with the advertiser/provider.

In light of this rule, I must point out that I will never be biased in my reviews of products. I am only interested in quality products, and therefore if you are offering a sub-standard product that you want a biased review for, I would politely refuse. As with all my blog posts and own cooking I will always be constructively critical and give praise where necessary.

I hope this gives some transparency to my readers as well as any potential promotional advertisers/agencies.




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