April Dragon Pearls Competition

Welcome to the second Mint Cuisine Competition!

Here are the details of the April Competition:

Closing Date: 12:00 on Sunday 29th April 2012 (Last Sunday of April)

To enter you must:

  1. Join the Mint Cuisine Mail List by typing your email address in the box to the right hand side of this page.  If you are a wordpress.com user, just ensure you are ‘following’ Mint Cuisine.
  2. Write a comment below along the lines of “I’m on your Mail List, I want to win tea!”, or something similarly as excitable.

As long as you fulfil the above criteria as of 12:00 on Sunday 29th April 2012 your competition entry will be valid and you will be entered into the prize draw which will take place on the same day.

There are 3 prizes up for grabs. Each of the three winners will receive 1 pack of 50g Dragon Phoenix Pearls Tea. Thanks to www.chah.co.uk for donation of the prizes! Chah’s Dragon Phoenix Pearls tea was the highest rated tea and the only tea awarded 3 stars in the ‘Green Tea, loose’ category at the Great Taste awards 2011. 3 stars is an incredible achievement at these awards  applicable to a rating of: “wow, you must try this”. Therefore I suggest you enter this FREE competition and get your hands on some of the best tea you will ever try. With 3 prizes up for grabs, you’ve got a great chance of winning!

Three lucky winners will each receive a pack of 50g Dragon Phoenix Pearls Tea, courtesy of http://www.chah.co.uk

This is what Chah say about the tea :

These incredibly popular gems produce the most memorable jasmine tea you could hope for. Leaves from the top grade white tea bushes are scented six times with the finest jasmine flowers before being individually hand rolled into little pearls.

Looking for something special? This is it.

Please read the following competition rules and conditions:

  • The prize draw will be carried out using the old fashioned paper out the hat method. All names will be written on slips of paper and drawn out a hat (or similar!).
  • Whilst the draw will be random, in order to keep the draw unbiased the competition is not open to family, flatmates, or work colleagues.
  • Only one entry per person
  • Winners will be contacted via direct message to their twitter account. They will be asked for their address in order to receive their prize via post.
  • If winners do not reply within 1 week of the direct message, their prize will be given to the next person out the hat.

Don’t forget: To enter you need to ensure you are on the Mint Cuisine Mail List (enter your email address in the box to the left) and post a comment below THIS PAGE. If you are a wordpress.com user you simply have to ‘follow’ Mint Cuisine and write a comment below this page.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not worry if your comment does not appear right away – all comments are moderated therefore I need to approve it before it is published online. It may take a few hours to approve, so don’t panic that your entry hasn’t been accepted. Check back in a few hours and you’ll see your post.

Good luck!!


5 thoughts on “April Dragon Pearls Competition

  1. Soooooo I won the last competition, which I think probably rules me out this time. If not, though, I really would love to enter again – trying new tea is one of life’s many simple pleasures! I am a signed up follower of the blog, free tea or no free tea.

    • Thanks for entering Rock Salt. Your win last time has no effect on this competition as this is an entirely new draw and as last time will be totally random drawn out a hat. Good luck!

  2. Yes! Fnally ‘ve got a chance to get my hands on some glorous tea! The descrpton makes t sounds soo good, don’t thnk ‘ve ever had pearls of tea. ‘m even more excted than was leadng up to the draw of the last competton… and was excted. the on my keyboard has broken by the way! LoL!

  3. Are you ok? I’ve been checking every day for new posts… haven’t heard form you for ages…

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