About Me

My name’s Rob. I’m a professional (non-food related) living in Surrey and I’m in my mid-late 20s. I may be a professional in terms of my employment, but I’m certainly not a professional in the kitchen! The whole point is that I love food, I love cooking, and I love eating out. Don’t worry, I’m not a food-snob and I don’t hate fast food; I do eat fast food occasionally. My general cooking skills are pretty average, but my ambition is always very high. I’m not afraid of trying new things and therefore hopefully you will see my skills develop as this blog grows.

I have several aims for this blog. These include:

  • Inspire people to cook;
  • Show that cooking is acessible to all;
  • Develop my own skills;
  • Explore and share new food and drink related products, services and venues.

I would like to think that the fact I’m only an averge cook is part of the main appeal of Mint Cuisine. I hope this shows through and people think “if Rob can do that, I can too!”. I’m not going to bore you with various aspects of my life, just the foody bits. I’ll aim to give a good account of my food experiences and you’ll hopefully see some of my personality shine through in my posts.

Looking forward to hearing about some of your sucess stories along the way.

Happy Cooking!



12 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following it. I’m glad you found something that catches your eye. It’s good to see that someone is reading what I write. Have a pleasant day 🙂

  3. Robin this page is excellent I love that sound of those burgers and the salsa, do you think it would work with turkey mince or chicken mince, or soya mince?! I’m definitely making those pizza bases too its nice to see recipes using proper affordable ingredients rather than fancy lardy dar stuff! xxx

    • Thanks Abee! 🙂 I think any mince would work – I’m going to try some chicken and Parmesan burgers soon and will post the recipe if they’re any good! I’m trying to keep things as affordable as possible, my whole ethos is that you don’t need money (or skill) to have good food!

  4. I love your blog!! Thank you for visiting The Magnolia Cafe. I am in the process of writing a cookbook. If you find a recipe on my blog that you like and cook it I would appreciate your very honest feedback. My blog does not have photos due to writing recipes and testing them. I will visit you again soon.


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