Welcome To 2015

My last attempt at a comeback was a disaster.  After my break in 2013/14 I underestimated how much planning a good blog takes and my comeback never happened. This time though I can assure you, it’s well planned, and it’s happening. Mint Cuisine is back on the map!

Whilst I haven’t been blogging, my obsession for food and for cooking has always remained. I’ve got lots of new ideas, had lots of new foodie experiences and I’ve got lots to talk about. I’ve been making lots of notes of food and things I want to blog about.

I want to take this time to remind you of my main aim for this blog which is to inspire people to cook and show that cooking is accessible to all. The fundamental point behind this aim is that I am not a good cook myself; I make a lot of mistakes and most of the things I make don’t look perfect. I want you all to know that whatever I can do, you can too – and probably better than me! If you see me make a pizza and it inspires you to have a go at something yourself, then I’ve done my job 🙂 You can read more about this in my updated ‘About Me’ section.

Keep you eyes peeled for the posts – they should start rolling in on Monday 2nd March – the countdown begins!!


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