Manly Food by Simon Cave (Fathers Day idea)

Cook books for Men are a rare thing. Often they’re comedy books, a light hearted ‘stocking filler’ for a Christmas/birthday occassion. Manly Food by Simon Cave (Quadrille Publishing Ltd) however, is a proper cookbook for men in all seriousness.

Manly Food by Simon Cave

Manly Food by Simon Cave

Manly Food features 288 pages with almost 200 recipes and over 100 high quality colour photos.The contents page lists the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Chilli & Spice
  • Grill & BBQ
  • TV Dinners
  • Fast Food
  • Slow Food
  • Comfort Food
  • Pure Meat
  • Healthy
  • Shared
  • Constructed
  • Wild & Foraged
  • Breakfasts & Hangovers
  • Preserved from Scratch
  • Manly Desserts
  • Manly Cocktails
  • The Basics
  • The Fundamentals of Barbecue
  • Butchery Guide
  • Glossary
  • Index

You can see from the sections that there is a good balance of the more stereotypical male food areas but still a real sense of ‘this is a serious cookbook’.

The first few pages set the tone for the rest of the book: “This book is all about full-on food: the meaty, hearty, bold, adventurous and downright greedy side of food. It is about no-holds-barred, all-guns-blazing, all-action cooking.” Sounds awesome!

The book goes on to set a few rules talking about intense flavours, cooking with attitude and then goes on to give a few knife tips.

I hope to try out a few of the recipes over the new few weeks. Some of the highlights include:

  • Hot & Spicy Duck Ramen
  • Flamed Sea bass (on the BBQ!)
  • BBQ Lobster
  • Singapore Fried Noodles
  • Squid & Chorizo with Chickpea Salad
  • Mussels in Beer
  • and LOTS more!

What I love about this book is there is a wide range of recipes that doesn’t shy away from the more adventurous ingredients including, pheasant, rabbit and wild boar. This does mean you’ll need a capable butchers nearby, but its certainly not necessary for buying the book as there are so many other recipes with readily available ingredients. There are lots of photos too which adds to the quality as well as the excitement you get from reading. Really makes your mouth water!  Towards the end of the book are cocktails, BBQ and butchery tips too; its got everything.

The books is published on 6 June 2013 and you can order a copy in time for Fathers Day on Amazon at £16.00. It may be a high price, but this book is what I would class as a proper coffee table hardback cookbook. It’s of very high quality, and feels like its worth every penny; not just in the look and feel of the book, but in the high quality of the recipes too. It would make a perfect Fathers Day gift for the Dad that likes to experiment in the kitchen! Don’t forget Fathers Day in the UK this year is on Sunday 16 June 2013!

Keep checking back here at Mint Cuisine where I will publish some of my attempts at the recipes.


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