Everyday Cooking For One Book Review

I must first say thanks to Spring Hill Publishers for sending me this book to review. This post will cover my first impressions of the book. Over the next few weeks I will follow it up by testing out a selection of the recipes and reporting back with my findings.

Everyday Cooking For One 1

Everyday Cooking for One is cooking book by Wendy Hobson and is currently available on Amazon for £5.69

Amazon’s blurb states the following:

Living on your own doesn’t mean losing out on interesting and healthy food. Nor does it have to involve the often unreliable business of quartering recipes! Here is a collection of simple,delicious meals specially designed for one that will ensure you enjoy your everyday eating.You ll find useful tips for shopping and stocking your food cupboard and delicious recipes for everything from snacks to main courses with fish, meat and vegetables. Quick, easy and economical, the recipes are designed to make everyday cooking exciting, and to keep your diet healthy and balanced.Some recipes just don t work in small quantities, and that could include some of your favourites. A unique feature of this book is the inclusion of really tasty recipes such as casseroles, roasts and cakes that show you how to create four different meals from one single cooking session.So you can try: Braised Tender Lamb, then reinvent it as Lamb with Mediterranean Couscous, Lamb with Crisp Courgettes and Parsnip-topped Lamb Or treat yourself to: Roast Lemon-infused Chicken, then enjoy Chicken Filo Parcels, Sweet and Sour Chicken and Chicken with Pancetta Or simply enjoy just-for-one treats such as: Caramelised Onion and Goats Cheese Puffs Salmon Steak with Summer Vegetable Parcels Spinach and Avocado Salad with Pancetta Honey-drenched Tunisian Almond Cake Author Wendy Hobson has spent a career working in and around cooking. She has written several books including Classic 1000 Cake & Bake Recipes, Classic 1000 Recipes and The Kitchen Companion and edited many more. She loves being able to cook in small quantities to please herself as well as in larger amounts to share with family and friends

It’s no surprise Spring Hill Publishers wanted Mint Cuisine to review the book – the first line of the blurb “Living on your own doesn’t mean losing out on interesting and healthy food” sums up of one Mint Cuisine’s main objectives.

The book is 192 pages long and split into 15 Chapters:

  1. Tasty, Healthy Food for One
  2. Setting Up Your Kitchen
  3. The Singles’ Storecupboard
  4. Tips for Beginners
  5. Soups and Snacks (14 Recipes)
  6. Seafood (18 Recipes)
  7. Beef (8 Recipes)
  8. Lamb (7 Recipes)
  9. Pork (11 Recipes)
  10. Chicken and Poultry (17 Recipes)
  11. Vegetables and Pulses (18 Recipes)
  12. Eggs and Cheese (8 Recipes)
  13. Desserts (14 Recipes)
  14. Cakes, Biscuits and Treats (15 Recipes)
  15. Meal Planners

If my counting is up to scratch, that’s a total of 130 recipes. Considering the price of the book this works out at about 4.4p per recipe – very good value for money! Considering the well structured nature of the book too, it seems the amount of recipes won’t have a detrimental impact on the quality of them as no section is too full. Only my recipe tests over the coming weeks will determine this though.

Everyday Cooking For One 2

A sample page from the book.

The actual contents of the book is very simple (as you would expect for a £5 book!). The pages are white and orange, disappointingly there are no pictures (although there are about 3 or 4 sepia toned images thorough the 130 pages), but again, due to the price you don’t expect a colour glossy book.

I really like how the recipes are all kept to a single page, they are laid out neatly too with the ingredients in the left/right hand orange column, a short introduction to each recipe and simple bullet point steps. Top marks here. Each recipe is clear how many it serves, often only 1 or 2 servings however there are a few larger recipes. The larger recipes often include tips for using the remaining ingredients/portions, which is great to see as most books ususally ignore this completely.

Overall, first impressions are good – there are plenty of recipes, with clear simple instructions and choosing what you want to cook next will be easy thanks to well categorised sections.  I reckon the recipes will be simple to follow, hopefully they have all been tested too, but I’ll find this out when I test them for myself over the next few weeks.

My only other comment is that I reckon this book would be great as an e-book. I often use my iPad in the kitchen but I get frustrated having to flick through pages. As these recipes are all singe pages I think it would work really well.

Don’t forget to check back for reviews of the recipes from this book, and be sure to check it out on Amazon by clicking here.


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