Back With a Bang!

I’m back.

There are many many reasons why I stopped posting earlier this year, I’m sorry if you missed the regular posts and I hope you can all forgive me!

However, I’m back now, and I hope you enjoy what will be a return to normal service (no pun intended!).

I must say (without blowing my own trumpet) it’s amazing how many hits Mint Cuisine got without any updates, it’s great to see that people search the internet for recipes and stop by here, and it really shows there is a strong market for quick simple and easy food.

Mint Cuisine is all about quick, simple and easy food, especially people living on their own as I know how hard it can be buying and cooking for one. I will say though that there is no excuse. Whilst I believe schools (and the government) should do more to educate people, for me it doesn’t go beyond common sense that everyone should be eating a wide variety of food from as many fresh ingredients as possible. This is your starting point.

I really try and take recipes back to basics and show you that tasty, fresh food is not difficult and it’s not expensive. The main thing though is that I want Mint Cuisine to inspire people to cook. So get your pots and pans at the ready, Mint Cuisine is back!


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