Storm Tea

Must say a big thanks to Rock Salt for telling me all about Storm Tea. Check out her blog by clicking here, it’s great!

As many regular reader will know, I’m currently in the process of undertaking a Mint Tea Showdown; a survey of the very best mint teas. When researching my initial batch to review, I knew I would never be able to find every one available, and it turns out Storm peppermint tea was one I missed.

I just want to make it clear that the original top 12 will stay as they are for now. However, the top 3 will go through to a second round where I will put them against Storm, and others.

For now though I’ll just have to enjoy Storm Peppermint Tea on it’s on, without comparison. Thanks to Storm for sending over a box of 15 for me to review.

Storm Peppermint Tea - really cool packaging.

Storm Peppermint Tea - the bags themselves.

Have to say after trying Storm Peppermint Tea, I’m pretty annoyed I didn’t discover storm sooner, I reckon it would have done well in the Mint Tea Showdown. It will have to wait until round 2 to compete against the best of the best from round 1.

As you can see from the above photos, the packaging is awesome. Really does look cool, very modern and eye catching. The simple cube shape is much appreciated as it makes it easy to fit and stack in cupboards, unlike some of the more irregular shaped packagings you tend to get from teas.

The tea bag is your regular sized. pyramid shape bag. My first (constructive) criticism of the bag however is that the string is too short. This is a common problem amongst other teas I’ve tried recently, so either the string is more expensive than I imagine, or I’m missing a trick. For me there is nothing worse than a short tea bag string. When pouring I like to go for the quick hands free approach,however the short string means that if I pour the water straight in without holding the tag, then it falls into the mug; this is only solved by holding the tag, which can be annoying. When getting my tea ready I like to tie the tag around the handle for a quick pour once the water has boiled. Who would have thought just a few cm’s of string missing could be so annoying, but it really is. I hope Storm (and other brands – you know who!!) take note of this and make their strings just that little bit longer so in the average mug the bag can sit on the bottom and the tag can be looped around the handle.

On to the important bit though…how it tastes…

The peppermint tea smell really hits the back of your nose when you take a whiff, it’s just how I like it, super minty and fresh. The tea lives up to expectations too, a rich, palate cleansing taste that leaves your mouth feeling revitalised and fresh. I know I’ve used the word fresh twice already, but it’s really crucial for me, a good peppermint tea has to taste fresh, and Storm tea does just that, it’s great!

A quick look at the vibrant Storm Tea website ( gives you a good idea of their other offerings. The highlights for me have to be the Organic red berry and rose tea and the Organic lemongrass and vanilla tea. The lemongrass and vanilla is particularly intriguing – I’m a big fan of lemongrass and vanilla individually and so the thought of them together makes me very excited.

Storm offer Black, Herbal, Green, Rooibos and Fruit teas all in pyramid bags for around £4.00 for 15. They also offer these in loose leaf form as well, along with iced/cold water loose leaf and white loose leaf tea. Thier loose leaf tea is priced at around £5.00 for a 65g packet.

I have to say, after reading alot of tea websites, Storm really stands out as trying to be innovative, exciting and new. They have alot of ideas and flavours I’ve not seen before, and I’m excited about trying them. I can certainly say I’ll be ordering some lemongrass and vanilla loose leaf, I’m already looking forward to trying it!


2 thoughts on “Storm Tea

  1. Thanks for the description. It can be hard sometimes to get an opinion on a particular brand of tea, or a description beyond what it says on the packaging.

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