Tea Jay Review

I heard about Tea Jay (www.teajay.com) when they started following me on twitter. You can find them @teajaytweet. Having not heard of them before I was very keen to try some of their teas and was intrigued by their interesting tea names.

So, I brought a few of their caffeine free samples to try:

  • Club Bizarre – “Herbal – Ginger Tea”
  • Wind Of Change – “Herbal – Lime-Buttermilk Tea”
  • Cookie Jar – “Herbal – Indian Spices Tea”
  • Day ‘n’ Night – “Green Rooibos – Lemon Tea”
  • 100 Tea Filters

You can find a list of all their teas by clicking here.

Each sample cost £1.50 and contained 20g of loose leaf tea. The tea filters were £2.99. The packaging can be seen below:

Tea Filters

I’ve had some bad experiences with loose leaf tea infusers – bad design, big holes etc. These tea filters are a no-fuss solution, quick, easy and cheap, 2.99p per bag. They’re so good I wish I’d got a larger quantity and saved a few pennies. They look good too, and save washing up!

Club Bizarre

Tea Jay says: “Ginger-Lime taste.”

Brewing time: “5 min, 100 degrees”

Ingredients: “Spearmint, carrot flakes, ginger, lemongrass, apple pieces, green paprika flakes, olive leaves, flavour.”

Mint Cuisine says: The lemongrass was the prominent flavour for me here, supported by the fact you can see there is a lot of lemon grass in the leaves. There were hints of ginger and lime which went well with the lemongrass. A very delicate flavour, but complex at the same time. I can honestly say I’ve never had anything like it. The verdict though – delicious, I would definitely drink this tea again.

Wind Of Change

Tea Jay says: “Creamy lime-buttermilk-taste.”

Brewing time: “5-7min, 100 degrees”

Ingredients: “mango cubes (mango, sugar, calciumchlorid, additice: citric acid), lemongrass, tilia star flower, Greek mountain tea, spearmint, jasmin flowers, lemon slices, flavour, yoghurt crispies (lowfat mlik yoghurt, sugar, maltodextrine, disarchphosphate, acidulating agent: citric acid), mangofruitgranulate (glucose, syrup, mango puree, thickening agent: sodium alginate), osmanthus flowers.”

Mint Cuisine says: This is a much more bulky loose leaf mix, probably down to the mango cubes and jasmin flowers. The colour is much more green than the vibrant gold of the Club Bizzare. This again was a new flavour to me, delicious once again, but somewhat strange – I’m not sure what I’d want to drink it with. Maybe I’m being naive, but I’m not a fan of the long list of strange ingredients – I’m not implying anything here, I just think real tea drinkers often like to know what’s in their tea and so either the long list of ingredients should either be simplified, or explained. The words ‘acidulating agent’, ‘sodium alginate’, ‘thickening agent’ and ‘disarchphosphate’ don’t appeal to me, whatever they actually are. I hope this is something Tea Jay can look at.

Cookie Jar

Tea Jay says: “Spicy, sharp but still slightly sweet taste.”

Brewing time: “10min, 100 degrees”

Ingredients: cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves, black pepper.

Mint Cuisine says: A prime example of a perfect herbal infusion. A few simple ingredients combined to make a mouth-wateringly moreish slightly sweet nectar. This is right up there with the best of the best for me, you simply have to try this tea. I’ve had two cups already and I still want more.  As Tea Jay says, its spicy, sharp and sweet, but not too sweet. Somehow this tea tastes extra smooth, it’s silky and it’s got class. It’s got sweet overtones and the spices leave you feeling refreshed and wanting more. I could drink this by the litre, I’ve not been this excited about a tea for quite a while – top stuff! Give me a nice piece of ginger cake to eat with this and I’d be in heaven!

Day ‘n’ Night

Tea Jay says: “Green Rooibos has a mild and light taste compared to the classical Rooibos with its strong and full taste.”

Brewing time: “3-5min, 90-100 degrees”

Ingredients: green “rooibos, lemenfruitgranulate (glucose syrup-wheat, lemon juice-concentrated, slightly sugared apricots, modified starch -potato-, thickening agent:sodium alginat, flavour,#sunflowers flavour.”

Mint Cuisine says: This tea for me does the job but doesn’t leave me wanting more. It’s certainly mild, slightly too mild for my palate, even at bedtime. However, it’s still tasty, smooth and yummy, just, I can’t help but feel its slightly under powered. With a slight boost in flavour, this could be really good. Again, the list of ingredients puts me off slightly. They’re probably harmless ingredients, but, I don’t know what they are.


Wow, some very tasty stuff from Tea Jay. These samples were only £1.50 each and I reckon at 1 teaspoon a cup I can get about 8-10 cups of tea out of each sample, so they’re really good value, especially if you just want a taster. All of the teas I sampled were great, I’m just very picky in my reviews, and also realistic. No one is going to drink tea entirely from one brand, I’ve tried a lot of teas and these are certainly up there with the best –  I’ll certainly be drinking Cookie Jar very often now!

Tea Jay also sell some very nice looking double walled glasses and other interesting tea accessories, so check them out at http://www.teajay.com

One last thing – If you take anything away from this review, it has to be that you write yourself a reminder to buy some Tea Jay Cookie Jar tea! (don’t forget the tea filters and try some of their samples!). I can’t reccomend this tea enough, I think I need to buy the tin!


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