Hix Soho, London

Just a short walk from Piccadilly Circus, Hix Soho is perfectly located in the heart of London. If you’ve booked, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to walk to  Hix Soho from the tube as even though its only a short walk away, it may take longer than expected due to all the entertainment and interesting shops around the area – Just outside the tube station I was treated to the delights of watching a street entertainer hammer a nail into his nose!

The front entrance doesn't do the restaurent justice.

Being owned by the renowned chef Mark Hix there is somewhat of an expectation to the quality of restaurant you’re expecting when visiting Hix. On approaching  Hix Soho you have to keep your eyes peeled; the red flashing ‘ Hix Soho‘ sign and lack of windows doesn’t give pleasant first impression, and if I didn’t already know about the restaurant, I wouldn’t think it was much. As always though, don’t judge a book by its cover – as soon as you enter the huge (and I mean huge) front wooden door, all is forgiven. We were greeted by a lovely, friendly hostess who offered to take our coats and then sat us at our table. Inside I soon found myself glad there were no windows onto the street, it made for a better atmosphere – Clean cut, brushed metal, brick walls and a trendy bar set the scene. More of a bistro feel to the layout; I’m not sure if this would be altered for a more intimate evening service however, but it suited a trendy London lunch perfectly.

The waiter was attentive, friendly, but not too fussy. He attended to all our needs and answered all our questions clearly, without hesitation and most importantly demonstrating a knowledge and passion for the food he was serving. We were shown a meat board by another waiter who took us through the different cuts of meat on offer, again demonstrating the same knowledge and passion, making each and every cut sound mouth-watering.

For the menu itself there were two main offerings, either the regular menu (which is changed daily), or the weekend set menu. On the main menu the starters were priced £7.75 -£14.50, the mains were £16.75-£36.50, sides were about £4.00 ish and desserts were £3.00 – £9.00. There were approximately 10-15 choices for each course. What was most attractive however was the set menu –  2 courses for £17.50 or 3 courses for £22.50, with a choice of 2 dishes for each course. Whilst this selection may seem tight, when you realise that for example the Gamekeepers Pie features on the set menu, but also on the main menu at £19,95, you realise the set menu is actually very good value for money. One thing that must be considered is if the portion size for the set menu is reduced slightly for the set menu, but this is only a guess. The 2 in our party who had the set menu were pleased with their portion size, but we didn’t have anything to compare it to.

I opted for the main menu, choosing the Swainson House Farm duck, turnip and bittercress salad (£9.95) to start and the Hanger steak with baked bone marrow (£19.95) for main. See below for pictures.

Swainson House Farm duck, turnip and bittercress salad (£9.95)

Hanger steak with baked bone marrow (£19.95)

The sides were equally delicious.

The starter was fabulous, the best duck I’ve ever tasted with such delicately beautiful complimenting flavours. The main was equally as good – the best steak I’ve ever had, extremely juicy, every single mouthful was a pleasure. It was the first time I’d tried both hanger steak and bone marrow. I have nothing to judge the bone marrow against, but it was lovely, a strange flavour with a mustard tang which complimented the rich steak well.

I was well and truly stuffed my steak, and as much as I wanted to try a big dessert, I opted for the Shot of Hix Fix Jelly (£3.00). This very small but perfectly formed dessert was a brilliant way to cleanse the palate – an alcoholic jelly with a cherry in the bottom may sound basic, but it was as good as jelly can get, a real treat and a perfect end to a rich meal.

Shot of Hix Fix Jelly (£3.00)

Not satisfied with that though, we all had coffee (I opted for an Espresso) and each had a home-made truffle from the dessert menu. Had to be some of the best chocolate I’d ever tasted.

On visiting the toilet downstairs, a whole new area of the restaurant is discovered – a super cool cocktail bar with lounge sofas and old fashioned billiard table. It must be added the that toilets were equalling in quality to the restaurant with some very nice soap, hand cream and disposable hand towels which were luxurious enough they could’ve easily passed for real towels.

A much enjoyed meal by all, and well worth a visit. If you’re stuck for cash, the set menu won’t set you back much at all, so there really is no excuse not to try out the excellent food on offer at Hix Soho.


4 thoughts on “Hix Soho, London

  1. I was there only a couple of weeks ago with friends! I hadn’t really heard of it before and we spent an entire day scouring the shops before we were tired and hungry for pizza. We were walking by the restaurant and decided to go in. Obviously didn’t have reservations, but they put us in on the back of a cancellation! Great food.

    p.s.: followed you over from Masala Art.

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