Premier Inn – The worst scrambled eggs ever?

I went away this weekend and spent two nights at a Premier Inn Horsham, West Sussex.

The breakfasts there are ‘all you can eat’ for £7.99, I’m sure last time I went it was £6.99. Anyway their ridiculously overpriced food isn’t point, the first morning I had my eggs fried. They were pretty poor, bland, floppy (almost bendy!), greasy and miles over cooked. This morning (Sunday) I decided to have my eggs scrambled, to try and avoid the awful fried eggs.

I recieved my scrambled eggs – straight away on looking at them I knew it would be bad, then I tried them and it got worse. They were so bad I even took a photo:

How not to cook scrambled eggs.

Now, I don’t class myself as a food snob, inf act I’m far from it; I would have accepted some perfectly average scrambled eggs just like the average person would cook themselves at home. However, these were beyond bad. Look at the picture – they don’t even look like scrambled eggs, their appearance is more like that of 3 day old mash potato that’s been mashed to death. The taste was even worse, there was actually no taste, whatsoever and the texture was like no eggs I had even had. You can probably also see there was a puddle of liquid on my plate – this was definitely from the scrambled eggs, and makes me consider if they were even using real eggs.

You can probably gather, I was pretty shocked at how bad they were – I simply didn’t believe it to be possible to cook scrambled eggs this bad. I’ve been a student myself, I’ve learnt how to cook, I’ve messed up and witness the disaster of scrambled eggs many a time before, but never this bad, by far.

It annoys me because the sausages and the bacon weren’t half bad. The bacon was lovely and thick and cooked just how I like it. The mushrooms had been sent to Mars and back, but at least I could taste they were actually real mushrooms. The sausages were just regular sausages, but very acceptable for an ‘all you can eat’ meal.

How can you charge £7.99 for a meal that I could get any university student (who can’t cook) to do a better job with? How can you work at Premier Inn and let “food” like that even leave the kitchen? I don’t usually like the phrase “a five year old could do better” – but in this case I would put money on the fact they could.

Can anyone give me any ideas as to why these eggs were so bad? Were they even real eggs?If I got two eggs out my fridge right this second and overcooked them to smithereens in a pan, I can guarantee they would turn out better than these Premier Inn scrambled eggs – so, whats up with them? I really don’t understand.

The bottom line to the story is I ate the rest of the breakfast, left the eggs and had to go. If I didn’t have a taxi to catch I would have complained.


6 thoughts on “Premier Inn – The worst scrambled eggs ever?

  1. Maybe I can shed light on this for you mate, alot of big chains use whole pasturised egg, cuts the chances of salmonella to nearly nothing, also Chains such as premier inn don’t have real chefs, and have a tendency to use microwaves, and using that type of egg and in a microwave results in that poor excuse for scrambled eggs!

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