Ping Pong Dim Sum (London Southbank)

Ping Pong has always intrigued me. Unfortunately it doesn’t have a ping pong table, in that sense it’s rather misleading, but it does offer some delicious Dim Sum that’s certainly worthy of a visit, and a re-visit!

Until last weekend when I went to Ping Pong for lunch I had never tried Dim Sum, my only experience of Dim Sum had been from a Chinese takeaway in Woking (Surrey), where it was rubbery and tasteless; Ping Pong was an entirely different experience altogether.

We sat down at our table and the waiter asked the thee of us if we had been before, we said no, and then he walked off. We were left wondering how we proceed with our order etc for a good 15 minutes until a waitress came over to assist us. Luckily it was a very simple process – the menu is laid out in a big long list with a small box next to each item, you simply write the number of each item that you want to order and then give it to your server. The waitress informed us that the majority of the dishes come with 3 pieces and she highlighted the handful of dishes that only come with 2 pieces. This was fortunate for us as there was 3 of us, but I would imagine a party of 4 would be tricky to share between.

There were a variety of interesting drinks on offer including rare & gourmet teas, flowering teas, herbal infusions, iced teas, coolers, juice blends, fresh lemonade and cocktails. I opted for a blackcurrant & hibiscus herbal infusion, my Brother had a lychee & ginger iced tea and my Aunty had a fresh mint tea. This resulted in a very colourful array of drinks at our table which was very exciting and mouthwatering. Another special touch was that my herbal tea was poured in front of me by a waiter with a wonderful copper tea jug which you can see in the photos below.

After our drinks arrived we studied the menu further. The waitress had advised we order about 4-5 dishes per person. We opted for 12 dishes in total resulting in about 12 pieces each to try.  The dishes range from about £1.20 to about £4.20 depending on what you choose.

Some dishes we chose included:

  • Crispy seaweed
  • Edamame
  • Roast pork puff
  • King prawn & scallop sticky rice
  • Squid in satay sauce
  • Pak choi dumpling
  • Chicken & cashew nut dumpling
  • Scallop & shitake dumpling

Some of these dishes are shown in the photos below:

It was all very tasty! What I love is that once you’ve ordered your dishes, they comes in stages, so its a very relaxed eating process. They simply bring you the dishes when they are ready and in no particular order, so its a nice surprise to see what arrives at your table next.

The bill came to about £18 each, which considering the quality of food and preparation involved in each dish, isn’t bad for a substantial Saturday lunch in central London. I would go again, for sure!


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