Cider and Green Lentil Stew (by FrugalFeeding)

This recipe came directly from the Mint Cuisine Food Blogger of the Week for Sunday 29th January 2012 – FrugalFeeding. You can view the recipe, and FugalFeedings fantastic photo of the dish by clicking here.

My attempt below doesn’t look nearly as mouth-watering as FrugalFeeding’s photo.

I got 4 portions out of the recipe and I’ve frozen them all. I’m really looking forward to getting a portion out the freezer, heating it up and tucking in! Obviously I tried a spoonful when cooking, and it was delicious – the smell is amazing too from the cider and all the fresh veg and herbs.

It’s one of those recipes you can’t really get wrong, and from the ingredients that go it, it can’t ever be bad – it just works, its a winning combination and I strongly suggest you try it!

Thanks again to FrugalFeeding for this recipe.


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