Food Blogger Of The Week – Sunday 29th January 2012

I’m starting this weekly award this week and will try to continue it every Sunday.

This weeks winner is FrugalFeeding (

After spending a good couple of hours looking through this guy’s blog this weekend I wanted to share it with you. Firstly, he is a guy, one of the few male food bloggers and he was recommended to me by Kimby from after my post about the shortage of male food bloggers. I checked this guy out and instantly I knew he had some top quality food. It’s not just the food though, his posts read like a well written recipe book, and his photography is just as good. You want to eat his food.

The design of his blog too is very plain, but stylish, really drawing attention to the awesome photos of his food.

There isn’t much more to say – you have to go and check it out to find out exactly why I chose FrugalFeeding to win my first weekly blogger award.


8 thoughts on “Food Blogger Of The Week – Sunday 29th January 2012

    • Thanks Rock Salt. I’m still new to all this really so haven’t come across Audax Artifex yet. Just looking at his latest post on scones, it’s a mammouth post, so I’m going to have to spend some time later reading through the rest of them. Looks great!

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