Chocolate Eclairs

This is something really out of my comfort zone. I thought they were only for the pro’s, but after reading some recipes on-line, soon realised that they are (apparently) easier to make than you think.

The recipe I used can be found here.

The recipe for the crème patisserie can be found here.

Having said that I still struggled in parts. On piping the choux pastry it all fell out the nozzle and went everywhere. I suspect it was probably meant to be a little thicker. On refection this could have been due to using large eggs rather than medium eggs as in the recipe.

Once the pastry was cooked, piping the crème patisserie inside them was fun! Making the creme patrisserie was a bit hit and miss as I wasn’t too sure of the texture I was looking for. In fact making the whole eclairs was a bit hit and miss – in my opinion the Raymond Blanc recipe I used was slightly vague in its descriptions and so I was left in the unknown slightly as to what I was trying to achieve.

I think I must have done something right however because they turned out miles better than what I expected. I’ll be trying to perfect these in the future – a real winner!

Here’s how they turned out (I made 10 in total):



8 thoughts on “Chocolate Eclairs

    • Haha they would feature beautifully on your blog I’m sure – they are superbly heathly!! Seriously though you need something like this once in a while and better to make them fresh so you know exactly whats gone into them! Love your blog, some great recipes, might try some! Any you’d recommend?

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