Can’t cook? Won’t cook? Why not?

I think cooking “good food” is a bit over-hyped, I don’t believe its hard to make good food – you simply need to want to.

I don’t think I’m a good cook. A simple fresh home cooked meal like a nice stir fry, bolognese or pasta dish shouldn’t be something that’s impressive, it should be pretty standard grub.

I’m writing this blog to promote food in general, but also to promote quick and easy meals, meals that I make everyday and certainly don’t consider to be impressive or over the top.

Most of the recipes I’ll make on this site will be simple good food. Over time you’ll probably see me attempt harder and more complex cuisine, but this will be as my skills are improving. You don’t need any skill to be a good cook, you just need the confidence to have a go and not be afraid of failing and trying again. I find people that say they can’t even cook rice quite comical, it’s like me saying I can’t speak Chinese – of course I can’t speak Chinese, I’ve never tried! I’m sure if I spent an hour reading language  books etc I’d probably learn a few simple words/phrases. Try spending an hour cooking rice, you’ll perfect it I promise; you won’t perfect Chinese in an hour.

The moral of this post is just to encourage those of you who may read my recipes and think ‘I can’t do that’ to simply have a go! If you read this and go on to microwave a meal tonight, I want you to feel guilty about it!

It’s not about being healthy, I don’t believe in diets – just eat fresh, varied, keep portion sizes reasonable and keep snacking for emergencies. It’s not about being fat/thin too, think about the other effects that you might not see for a few years time. Smokers don’t see their lungs going black, alcoholics don’t see their liver eroding, and if you eat rubbish then you may have increased risk of bone fracture, osteoporosis, diabetes, kidney stones and tooth decay. These are all effects that go beyond simply putting on weight; if you’re eating rubbish and not putting on weight, then consider the other effects it may be having on your body.

Next time you have a microwave meal, or even throwing some chips in the oven, think about why you’re having it, why couldn’t you have something different, something fresh? Whats actually in these microwave meals anyway?

I think it’s important to add here I’m not being snobbish – whilst I follow these values I still indulge in ‘bad’ food such as takeaway, fast food, potato waffles, chocolate etc, but its very rare I have microwave meals (unless I’m microwaving something I’ve batch-made when I can’t be bothered to put it in a pan). However, I would say at least 80%; of my diet is fresh food, probably higher.

Think about the cost too, I would question anyone that says microwave meals or oven baked food are cheaper than cooking fresh food (unless you’re buying the cheapest most processed microwave meals out there).

I could go on about this, but you’ll probably find I post more about it down the line, as well as  offering solutions, tips and ideas for how to make your cooking better, cheaper, tastier, fresher and easier.

I’ve already posted an article with tips on cooking for one, and you can expect much more like this in future posts.


4 thoughts on “Can’t cook? Won’t cook? Why not?

  1. I’m a terrible cook, but I’m starting to learn. As a kid growing up, my mom would kick me out of the kitchen when I tried to help her. More of a “I’ll get it done faster if I just do it myself” mentality I suppose.

  2. I completely agree, cooking doesn’t have to be hard or complicated and the results of putting in a little effort to learn can be really rewarding.

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