Morrisons, Woking

I’m so lucky to live just a short walk away from such a fantastic supermarket. I’ve honestly never been to a supermarket like it in terms of the fresh products available – its food heaven.

I thought I’d take some photos to share here. The mist you can see in the photos is their ‘hydro-pipe’ system which sprays an ultra fine vapour over the produce, keeping things fresh for longer. Even above all this, it makes the vegetables look mouth-watering, and is quite impressive.

Having started this blog recently, visiting somewhere like this is inspiring – so may fruit and veg that I’ve never heard. It’s also always nice to know that if I find a recipe with obscure ingredients, there is a good chance Morrison’s will have them

Aside from the food shown above, they also have an incredible deli section with fresh cheese, cooked meats, salad bar, olive bar, a great fish and meat section, and fresh bread. Their world foods aisle is also well stocked with a large variety of foods I haven’t seen in other supermarkets.

My only complaint is that they were out of Scallops today as I had planned on making Seared Scallops with Avocado Mousse and Chipotle Sauce.


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