Ben’s Cookies

These are my current favourite cookies. (

I discovered Ben’s Cookies after regular visits to High Street Kensington Tube Station, walking past many times I had always wondered what they were like. One day I had worked over lunch and was starving, so took the plunge!

For the purpose of food research only (wink wink!) I brought two, white chocolate and dark chocolate, but there are many many flavours available and they are all freshly baked.

White chocolate:

Dark Chocolate:

You can see they are pretty thick cookies. What’s amazing about these cookies is that the outside is always crisp but when you bite into them they are soft and ever so light. There are huge chunks of chocolate that somehow remain soft and oozy.

Looking on the Ben’s Cookies website it appears there are only 10 Ben’s Cookies stores – Oxford, Bath, Leamington Spa, Brighton, and then 6 across London. Also interesting to see that their logo is designed by the great Quentin Blake!

If you’re ever in one of the above areas – you must try a Ben’s Cookie. They are sold by the weight at approximately £1.20 each – quite steep, but its a cookie experience you’ll never forget! Anyone know the recipe for these?!


2 thoughts on “Ben’s Cookies

  1. Great post (and great blog)! I love Ben’s Cookies so much. I live in New York City now but I will be in London for one day in March and this is on my list of things I must buy!

    PS- If you like ginger, the ginger and dark chocolate cookie is really interesting. Unlike anything I’ve had before. And the milk chocolate is wonderful, of course.

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