Pebble Beach, Hampshire

I went to Pebble Beach with family back in September 2009. Generally my future restaurant reviews will be directly after visits but I wanted to include a blog about Pebble Beach simply because its the best restaurant I’ve ever been to!

Who can say it better than the renowned restaurant critic Jay Rayner. In 2010 he listed Pebble Beach as one of the ’20 best places to eat in Britain this summer’. His review included the following:

There is something wonderfully old school about Pebble Beach: a slight, cheesy 80s Dynasty-style tang to the decor inside, and a menu crafted by Pierre Chevillard, who learnt his trade at Chewton Glen, the original country house hotel, which also made its name in Thatcher’s decade. But it has the most glorious terrace with sparkling views of the sea, and a menu bulging with things like fruit de mer done perfectly. A platter of that, a glass or five and the promise of sunshine. You would need nothing else.

I wish I’d taken a photo of the menu to remember exactly what was on my plates – I do have photos of each course though so I can take a good guess…

Starter – Scallops with Prawns:

The scallops were perfectly even, perfectly cooked, almost charcoaled on the outside but beautifully succulent on the inside.

Main: Lobster Tempura with Chinese Vegetables

This was the first time I’d had lobster and it was incredible. The whole dish was so light, fresh and fragrant. I have fond memories of my excitement about how nice this dish was!

Dessert: Chocolate Fondant with Pistachio Ice Cream

I’m always one to choose the chocolate desert. This fondant was still to this day the best I’ve ever had. Extremely light and rich and the pistachio ice cream (again,the best I’ve had) was gorgeous.

I couldn’t recommend this restaurant enough. We had an evening meal and sat out on the terrace after, drinking Champagne. The staff were attentive, yet subtle and I can’t really remember the interior décor but I’m pretty sure it was quite stylish.

You can see in the photo below the terrace is beautifully lit in the evening, along with the fresh sea air (you’re right on the sea front) it creates for a gorgeous atmosphere. I’m sure a lunch time meal would be just as pleasurable – the views must be incredible, you can see for miles out to see. Some restaurants look better in photos but I can assure you Pebble Beach may look awesome from the photo below but it looks better in real life!

I will definitely be visiting again soon and will provide a more in-depth review. If you have visited Pebble Beach please let me know all about your experience in the comments below.

Please visit to check out this amazing sea-view restaurant!


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