Guidelines on preschool food from School Food Trust

I’ve just read an article on the BBC news website concerning preschool food. I’ll let you read it for yourself and make your own opinions about it, but the following in it really caught my attention:

Children’s Minister Sarah Teather said: “Healthy eating is at the heart of helping every child get the best start in life.

“Nurseries play a vital role in getting children from all backgrounds to develop good eating habits – but many lack the expert knowledge of what is the best food to serve.”

The guidelines were also welcomed by childcare providers.

Neil Leitch, chief executive of the Pre-school Learning Alliance, said the code of practice would help them “navigate through the maze of information about what food and drink is nutritionally appropriate for young children”.

Now I’m not claiming to be an expert in nutrition, but I really think that such food guidelines are far too complicated. Eating healthy and nutritious food isn’t complicated, but the above remarks about ‘expert knowledge’ make out that we need to be rocket scientists in order to feed preschool children.

The quote by Neil Leitch about which food and drink are appropriate for young children makes me bubble up slightly.What drinks can you think of that young children should drink at preschool? Water, fresh juice, fresh milk? How complicated is it really?!

There are a lot of issues here, but I just think that food nutrition in general and peoples perception of ‘healthy eating’ needs to be changed. It’s not complicated, just eat fresh.



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