Crispy Duck, Spring Rolls with Plum Sauce

This was made with my friend over Christmas.  We followed a Jamie Oliver recipe we found online, here.

This was the first time either of us had made either crispy duck, spring rolls or plum sauce – it didn’t go badly for the first time!

We brought a duck crown for the crispy duck and it turned out to be the perfect size for two – cooked it for a good hour and a half at least with five spice, fresh ginger and plenty of salt. The only hard part was getting the duck off the bone. Jamie’s two fork method seemed to work, but he probably has better technique than either of us could manage – any tips please comment below!

The plum sauce turned out to be the star of the show. Despite being experimental with food I’ve still not fully developed my taste for sweet fruity flavours with meat (I’m working on it), but this sauce was just the right balance of sweet/savoury to compliment the duck nicely. All it took was alot of plums, five spice, soy sauce, chilli powder, sugar and water. We brought pre-made pancakes and I stuffed mine with lots of duck, some of the plum sauce, some shop brought sweet chilli sauce (we didn’t make this because my friend doesn’t like it), some spring onion and cucumber. Jamie reccomended ‘loads of salt’ on the inside and outside of the duck – we found some parts of the duck to be slightly too salty in taste, not sure quite why this was.

The spring rolls were so close to being perfect – the filling was, but the filo pastry we used for the wrapper was too thick. I definitely want to make these again as I’m sure we simply rolled the spring rolls over too many times. Maybe one or two circumferences of filo would suffice, I think we must have gone round each roll about 4 times resulting in thick, slightly chewy wrapping. A nice thin wrapping of filo pastry around the filling would have resulted in perfect spring rolls. For the filling we improvised slightly – I think we used bean-sprouts, carrot, fresh ginger, oyster sauce, shitaki mushrooms, spring onions and soy sauce. Pretty simple enough to make, using some beaten egg to help the filo stick.

All this is pretty simple cookery – the duck takes a lot of time for what it is, but its mainly oven time. However if you’re like us and struggle to tear it off the bone it may become frustrating! The spring rolls and plum sauce make it all worth while though, and I’ll be making this again.


2 thoughts on “Crispy Duck, Spring Rolls with Plum Sauce

  1. You can buy Chinese spring roll pastry in most asda’s especially if it’s in an area with a large ethnic community! Such as Hysdon green! Comes in sheets, and you only need 1 per spring roll, and it crisp ups a dream. Hope this helps in persuit of perfection 🙂

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