Mussels and Leeks in White Wine Sauce

I always remember eating Moules-frites in France when I was younger, but have never cooked Mussels myself, until now. Found out they’re actually pretty cheap. I think I got 1kg of Scottish Mussels from my local Morrison’s for £2.79. This is something I made just last week.

I cooked them based on a few different suggestions online – leeks, cream, red chilli, garlic, white wine, parsley, shallots. Pretty simple.

To me they tasted fantastic, the sauce had lots of flavour and turned out just as I had expected (a rare thing!). I’m no mussel expect though, so I may have to make this dish for my parents sometime who have eaten a lot of mussels and can probably advise how to improve it. I guess a lot of the taste is down to the quality of the mussels in the first place.

I would class this dish as quick and easy – the only time consuming part is cleaning and de-bearding the mussels. If this is pre-prepared its a 20 minute meal tops including chopping. Highly recommended for anyone cooking to impress, could be a starter or a main. I’ll definitely be cooking this again to perfect it.


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